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Audience Development & Management

Key Components to Your Long-Term Success

Key to a magazine's success is audience development and management. Luckily for our clients, ProCirc is affiliated with the industry leaders: DJG Marketing and WRSS.


Audience Development, Research and Marketing Services, Ad Sales Development, Consumer Marketing and Public Place Distribution

Founded in 1993 as The Douglas/Jones Group, the company was rebranded in December 2001 as DJG Marketing, LLC. Today, DJG Marketing is a suite of three companies, DJG Marketing Services, ProCirc and WRSS (Waiting Room Subscription Services), each offering innovative outsourced solutions to publishers of all sizes.


DJG Marketing Services provides outsourced research and marketing support to media companies, including:

  • Day-to-day media research support for ad sales teams
  • Audience development
  • Development of audience prototypes
  • Senior research advisory for strategic issues
  • Ad sales development to grow business

Contact Marc Passarelli, President & CEO, DJG Marketing, for more information.


Public Place Distribution

Waiting Room Subscription Services is the premium provider of public place distribution for over 140 magazines. Publishers turn to WRSS to create awareness and interest in their titles. Via individualized and specific demographic and geographic targeting, public place readership positively impacts audience development.

Contact Marc Passarelli, President & CEO, DJG Marketing, for more information.

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