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ProCirc Case Histories

ProCirc launched Sherman's Travel Magazine in 2006, creating the initial subscriber base exclusively from Sherman's Travel Media established online community. Through this unique launch strategy, ProCirc minimized cost, maximized volume, and to date has generated 72% of the current paid subscriber base.
  The London Review of Books has doubled in circulation over the past 10 years. Growth achievements and an increased profitability margin are results of successful Direct Mail campaigns, as directed by ProCirc, and other strong direct to publishers subscription sources.
  Scientific American circulation has experienced an increase of 50% net response rates over 4 years. ProCirc initiated the increase by producing strong Direct Mail campaigns, founded on intensive list rework and creative breakthroughs. ProCirc continued to exceed management expectations by successfully launching Scientific American Mind through highly effective Direct Mail campaigns on a limited budget.
  In 2007, Foreign Affairs Magazine focused on revitalizing their Direct Mail campaign. After sampling several variables, ProCirc's Senior Consumer Marketing Director discovered growth rates by combining new creative with a new offer, resulting in a 34% increase in net response rates.
  ProCirc managed the relaunch of Weight Watchers Magazine in 2000, utilizing a variety of traditional and non-traditional sources, including Direct Mail, single copy sales, internet sales, strategic agency sales, and the promotion of subscriptions to the clientele of Weight Watchers meetings. Unlike most consumer magazine distribution strategies, Weight Watchers does not allocate copies to public place venues, nor do they utilize the option to distribute post-expiration copies. In the past 8 years, circulation has leaped to the current subscriber base of 1.3 million. Moving forward, circulation management’s main objective is to continue increasing the subscriber base while maintaining profitability.
  Despite an overall decrease in sales on the newsstand, ProCirc managed a 3.4% increase in single copy sales for the established New York Magazine. The surge in sales is particularly impressive, receiving industry attention nationwide, as it follows a 20% increase of the magazine's cover price.
  ProCirc obtained Cowboys and Indians Magazine in 2004. Over the past four years, ProCirc has tripled the direct mail response, and is anticipating future growth, by means of creative breakthroughs and extensive list rework.
  Under ProCirc management, Mother Jones Magazine established an audited rate base. Over a three-year span, ProCirc improved the circulation margin by 57%, attracting an increase in advertising dollars for the magazine. The rise in circulation was partially owed to a 100% increase in Direct Mail response. The success rate was a result of 2 major creative breakthroughs, extensive list rework, and voluntary postage & handling contribution for the non-for-profit.


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