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How Circulation Outsourcing Works

Many Publishers create successful outsourcing relationships by using our team of experienced marketing professionals to replace or supplement their in-house staffs. Our senior Consumer Marketers report to senior members of the magazines' staffs (Publisher, CFO, etc.) and can manage everything from bottom line departmental budgets and rate base to a specific circulation function such as direct mail or renewals.

Whether ProCirc manages the entire circulation function, or specific areas of functional responsibility (i.e. Modeling, Fulfillment, Newsstand or Direct Mail), publishers always receive the resources of our team of experienced, award-winning consumer marketing professionals.

The Full-Service Team. Each team is structured like the consumer marketing department at a multi-title publishing company. You will be assigned an experienced circulation director whose primary responsibility is servicing your account. Supporting this person are modeling, analysis, promotion, and fulfillment specialists to ensure that every detail is handled smoothly. In all, there are 8 to 10 people involved on each full-service account on a regular basis.

The Proposal/Contract Process
. The ProCirc proposal process begins with a no-pressure, strategic discussion about your circulation issues and where you want your business to go. Whether you are interested in our full complement of subscription services, help with a particular source like newsstand, or a one-time project, we submit a written, customized proposal outlining how we can help you achieve your objectives.

Communication. Your regular input is vital to our mutual success. We hold weekly or biweekly formal conference calls with our clients, and in-person meetings for planning and marketing reviews. And while we aren't just down the hall, we are never more than a phone call, e-mail or fax away.

Reporting. We provide you with a monthly suite of reports, including new business, renewal and billing performance, cash flow, and print order projections. Annual budgets include circulation, production and financial projections. We also prepare and file publisher's statements and manage the audit process.

Expenses. All contracts with outside vendors are negotiated on your behalf and in your best interest. We review each invoice to make sure it is in compliance with both the contract and the project's budget before we forward it to you.

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