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Key Reasons to become a ProCirc Client

  1. Expertise. ProCirc will provide your company with a staff with an unparalleled level of circulation experience. We have over twenty circulation professionals, organized by function (marketing, retail, reporting/modeling, production, fulfillment), to ensure that you get the expertise you need to grow and prosper. Our staff has been recruited from consumer publishing companies like Time Inc., Scientific American, Primedia, Meredith and IDG. We have long-standing relationships with the top fulfillment houses, national distributors, subscription agents, printers, vendors, freelancers and other service providers that enable us to negotiate favorable pricing and garner "big publisher" attention for our independent clients.

  2. Industry Intelligence. As a multi-title circulation department we can put your magazine's performance in perspective with industry trends and provide intelligence on new sources or promotion breakthroughs -- or pitfalls to avoid. We attend industry trade shows and network with circulators and suppliers across the country.

  3. Contract Evaluation. ProCirc adds tremendous knowledge and negotiating clout to your contract evaluations, particularly in the fulfillment and newsstand areas. As your circulation grows and your source mix becomes more sophisticated, you will require different capabilities in data processing and reporting. ProCirc is in an ideal position to assess pricing and service levels and has the demonstrated skills to negotiate fulfillment and newsstand distribution contracts on your behalf. These multi-year contracts set much of the financial base for the magazine, so finding the absolute best partner with the best terms will pay off dividends for many years. A mistake in this area can turn into a major and ongoing limitation.

  4. Print purchasing. We believe you will realize savings in print production through our buying department. Where possible, we gang-run materials to get volume discounts. We also use our relationships, experience and annual purchasing power as leverage to get top service and competitive pricing from our suppliers. We do not mark-up or add additional fees. Clients pay our vendors' invoices.

  5. In-depth understanding of ABC and BPA Rules and statement filing expertise. We file dozens of publisher statements on behalf of our clients each year. We are in touch with ABC and BPA to insure that our promotions meet the ever-changing ABC/BPA rules and that our calculations and categorizations will hold up through the audit process.

  6. Cost effective. We believe you will realize savings when compared to in-house staffing. Not only would you eliminate staff salaries, you would also eliminate insurance, office space, computers, phone lines, etc. ProCirc is located in Miami to take advantage of low overhead costs and an excellent labor market, which allows us to provide top-notch service at affordable rates to our clients. Miami is a major domestic and international transportation hub with easy accessibility via e-mail, fax, overnight delivery service, and conference calls. We also relieve one of a publisher's greatest concerns - how to replace a key manager who may be absent due to illness, career change, or relocation. With ProCirc, you always have a back-up team in place.
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