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The Only Stand-Alone, Full-Service Circulation Outsourcing Company in the Market Today

ProCirc offers national and regional publications a turn-key approach to building and maintaining a profitable base of engaged readers.

Strategic. We study your circulation challenges, identify every method needed to overcome them, and then rigorously test those assumptions. We use these results, along with metrics from the competitive landscape to build an annual strategic plan that addresses your circulation, production and financial goals for the next three years, and we review it with you every six months to ensure that we remain on target.

Promotional. We perform all of the promotions expected from an in-house circulation department:

  Agents Insert Cards Requalifications  
  Billing List Management Space Advertising  
  Card Decks Online Order Packages Special Events  
  Contests Package Inserts Sweepstakes  
  Direct Mail Premium Development Telemarketing  
  E-mail Campaigns Public Place Distribution Web, TV & Radio Advertising  
  Gift Campaigns Renewals Wraps  

Analytical. We constantly review promotion reports and industry trends for ways to optimize source response. And every year we evaluate the long-term profitability of each source, renewal and billing effort to make sure each element is making a valuable contribution to your readership base and the bottom line.

Operational. Our staff of over twenty-five circulation professionals are organized by function to ensure that you get the expertise you need. We have long-standing relationships with the top fulfillment houses, subscription agents, printers, audit bureaus, and other vendors that enable us to negotiate favorable pricing and garner "big publisher" attention for our independent clients.

We work with all of the major, newsstand distributors, list brokers and list managers, so we understand their systems and processes. This wide industry knowledge is a major advantage for our clients.

Contact Cary Zel, President and Founder of ProCirc, for more information.

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